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  • Manufacturing and Warehousing

    Manufacturing and Warehousing

    Shelving, Air Compressors, Conveyor Belt systems, shrink wrap and all other manufacturing equipment.

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  • Heavy Equipment

    Heavy Equipment

    Forklifts, Clamps, Boom Trucks, Adapters and all other heavy equipment

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  • Granite/Marble Equipment

    Granite/Marble Equipment

    Cnc Machines, Bridge Saws, Waterjet Machines, Digital Laser Equipment, Compressors, water recycling systems and all other marble and granite equipment.

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  • Gym/Fitness


    Treadmills, Bikes, Bench Press, and all other Gym Equipment.

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  • Restaurant


    Mixers, Refrigeration, Ovens, Shelving, Displays, Counters, Restaurant furniture and all other restaurant equipment.

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  • Printing Industry

    Printing Industry

    Flexo Press, Offset Press, Litho Press, Die Cutter, Slitter, Rewinder, Sheeter and all other printing equipment.

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  • IT Equipment

    IT Equipment

    Computer desktops, workstations, servers, routers, rack systems, Telecommunication systems, IP phone systems, storage systems and all other IT equipment.

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  • Furniture


    Workstations, Cubicles, Tables, Chairs, and all other office equipment.

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  • Medical/Dental


    X-ray, Dental Chairs, Hospital Beds, Exam Tables and all other medical equipment.

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